I wrote to my friend yesterday that I felt like I was standing at some huge crossroad that still had to be built. And it’s good and bright there, even if a bit windy. I am rooting in my intuition, learning how to wait with grace, sensing the messages of the air, trying to feel the impulse for move in the right direction. Shall I wait for the roads to be built and signposted? Shall I just start walking? Am I simply not seeing an already paved path that is right in front of me?

Crossroads… A big theme. So overwhelming that I it gave me a writer’s block. I may write more about it later, or never, or for ever. For now, here is a photo as a prompt. What do you make of it?

‘Nothing’ is an answer equally good to any other.

A crossroad
Izlaz or Exit?

This week’s book inspiration: Dictionary of the Khazars, by Milorad Pavić. (For a book overview scroll down the page that opens when you click the link.)


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